Freshman Admission

Freshman Admission

The University of California considers you a freshman applicant if you are still in high school or have graduated from high school but have not enrolled in a regular session at any college or university. If you attend a summer session immediately after graduating from high school, you are still considered a freshman applicant.

In order to be eligible for admission to UC Irvine, you must satisfy the GPA, “a - g,” and examination requirements.


You must receive a 3.0 GPA or higher in the required “a – g” subjects during grades 10 and 11. If you are a non-California resident, you must have a minimum 3.4 GPA in order to be eligible for the UC System; all other requirements for admission are the same as for California residents.


The “a - g” requirements, also called Academic Subject Requirements, represent the minimum academic preparation freshmen applicants must meet to be eligible for admission to the University of California. There are seven subject areas included in the “a – g” requirements, each with a minimum number of years of required study. Meeting these minimum “a – g” requirements does not guarantee admission to UCI.

A. 2 years of History/Social Science
 • One year of world history, cultures and geography
 • One year of U.S. history OR a semester of U.S. history and a semester of American government/civics

B. 4 years of English

C. 3 years of Mathematics (4 years recommended)
 • Must include algebra, geometry, and advanced algebra

D. 2 years of Laboratory Science (3 years recommended)
 • Must include two of these three subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics

E. 2 years of Language other than English (3 years recommended)
 • The second year or higher of the same language must be completed to fulfill this requirement

F. 1 year of Visual and Performing Arts
 • Both courses must be from the same discipline (dance, drama/theater, music or visual arts)

G. 1 year of College Preparatory Electives