Transfer Admission

Transfer Admission


UCI is committed to providing educational excellence and a vibrant campus life for transfer students. We give priority to junior-level students transferring from California Community Colleges and welcome the distinctive experience transfer students contribute to our campus. Below are the transfer requirements and helpful hints on how to prepare academically for admission to UCI.

Basic UC Admission Requirements

• 60 semester or 90 quarter UC transferable units with a minimum 2.4 GPA; however, a competitive UC Irvine transfer applicant should have a UC transferable GPA of 3.0 or above.

• All 60 semester or 90 quarter UC transferable units must be completed by spring 2016.

• Complete the following seven transferable college courses (with a grade of a C or better in each course):

• Two UC transferable courses in English composition
• One UC transferable course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning
• Four UC transferable courses chosen from at least two of the following areas: the arts and humanities, the social and behavioral sciences, or the physical and biological sciences

If you are a non-California resident, you must have a minimum 2.8 GPA in order to be eligible for the UC System. See the UC Admissions website for additional information.

Transfer Unit Limitation
Students will be granted up to 70 semester/105 quarter units of credit for lower division coursework completed at any institution or any combination of institutions. For units beyond the maximum, subject credit may be granted and used to satisfy requirements. Units earned through AP, IB, and/or A-Level examinations are not included in the limitation and do not put applicants at risk of being denied admission. Units earned at any UC campus (Extension, summer, cross/concurrent and regular academic year enrollment) are not included in the limitation but are added to the maximum transfer credit allowed and may put applicants at risk of being denied admission due to excessive units. No more than 14 semester (21 quarter) units may be taken for Pass/No Pass credit (not major prerequisites). Grades earned in all UC transferable coursework are used in calculating the UC transferable GPA. View the transfer admission requirements for your desired major.

Transferring with More Than 70 Semester Units
UC Irvine does not penalize students who transfer with more than 70 semester units of UC transferable coursework from any institution or combination of institutions. Although 70 UC transferable semester/105 quarter units is the maximum number of lower division college units that may be applied to graduation credit, students will receive subject credit for courses taken in excess of this maximum. This means you will receive credit for fulfilling subject requirements even if the courses are taken after completing 70 UC transferable semester units. Grades earned in coursework beyond this limit are used in calculating the UC transferable grade point average.