Transfer Selection

Transfer applications are specifically reviewed for academic performance in UC transferable coursework, college grade point average, number of UC transferable units completed, and depth of preparation for the applicant's intended major.

Highest priority for admission is given to California resident junior-level applicants from California community colleges.  Preference also will be given to community college students who have participated in academically selective honors courses or programs.  Junior transfer students from four-year colleges, including other UC campuses, Second Baccalaureates, and lower division transfer students (who are eligible for UC from high school) may be considered as space permits.

In addition, UCI considers the following as part of the Comprehensive Review process for transfer applicants:

  • Completion of a specified pattern or number of courses that meet breadth or general education requirements
  • Completion of a specified pattern or number of courses that provide continuity with upper division courses in the student's major
  • The student's grade point average in all UC transferable courses
  • Participation in academically selective honors courses or programs
  • Special talents, achievements and awards in a particular field, such as visual and performing arts, communication or athletic endeavors;  special skills, such as demonstrated written and oral proficiency in other languages;  special interests, such as intensive study and exploration of other cultures;  experiences that demonstrate unusual promise for leadership, such as significant community service or significant participation in student government;  or other significant experiences or achievements that demonstrate the student's promise for contributing to the intellectual vitality of a campus
  • Completion of special projects undertaken in the context of the student's college curriculum or in conjunction with special school events, projects or programs
  • Academic accomplishments in light of the student's life experiences and special circumstances
  • Location of the student's college and residence

UC Irvine General Education Requirement

The UC Irvine General Education Requirement consists of coursework in writing, science, social and behavioral sciences, arts and humanities, mathematics and symbolic systems, language other than English, multicultural studies, and international/global issues. It is fully described in the "Information for Transfer Students: Fulfilling Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree" section of the UC Irvine General Catalogue.

The General Education (GE) Requirement, which must be completed prior to graduation from UC Irvine, may be satisfied by college-level courses appropriate to UC Irvine offerings. It may be completed at any time during the undergraduate years with one exception -- the lower-division writing component must be completed within the first three quarters of residency at UC Irvine. However, it is to your advantage to complete as much of the GE Requirement as possible prior to transferring to UC Irvine. In fulfilling the UC Irvine General Education Requirement, transfer students have options which are described in the "Catalogue Rights" section of the UC Irvine General Catalogue.


UC Irvine accepts the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) as an alternative to the UC Irvine General Education Requirement. IGETC lists are available at community college transfer centers. Students who elect to follow IGETC must complete it in its entirety prior to enrolling at UC Irvine. Students should be aware that IGETC may not be recommended for students transferring to UC Irvine in engineering, mathematics, or science majors. Whether completing the UC Irvine General Education Requirement or IGETC, students are encouraged to select general education courses that may also be applied to admission and lower-division degree requirements.

Please note that while courses taken in fulfillment of IGETC may also be used to fulfill admission requirements, completion of IGETC is not required for admission to UC Irvine.