Anteater Experiences

What if you could find out what UCI is actually like? We asked current students to help us give you a real view of what it's like here. These are the experiences of Anteaters that you’ll want to check out. Get the low-down on campus life, papers and exams, and personal challenges and successes.

  • Matthews

    Aerospace engineering major and urban studies minor Matthew shares how UC Irvine’s interdisciplinary studies and resources encouraged his decision to become an Anteater.

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  • Brianna

    Second year UC Irvine student Brianna shares how Undergraduate/Undeclared at UCI helped her find her path to her passions for teaching.

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  • Patrick

    Hear how second-year biological sciences major and management minor Patrick is using UCI’s focus on interdisciplinary studies to pave his way to a career in health care.

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  • Blessing

    Fourth year biological sciences major Blessing used high school programs to prepare for college. She ultimately found community and her passions as a student at UCI.

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  • Arizah

    Fourth year business economics major and accounting minor Arizah shares what convinced her to say yes to UCI and where she's found community on campus.

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  • Brian

    Fourth-year mechanical engineering major Brian explains how UC Irvine’s academic opportunities, active student body, and campus layout helped him decide that UCI was right for him.

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  • Jonah

    UC Irvine’s sense of community grounded in support and connection over competition encouraged Jonah's move to UCI from the Bay Area.

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  • Colin

    Fourth year UC Irvine student Colin shares how UCI’s commitment to its students helped him decide on his college and future career path.

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