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Students holding up an I heart UCI towel at the beach

UCI's students have an unrivaled passion for learning and living well.

Our students make the difference.

And that’s exactly why you should come here.

At UCI, we believe in the infinitely curious. Our students are the tinkerers, the dreamers, and the courageous of thought. They are inspiring, motivated, and care about the world around them. And they aren’t afraid to fail, because they dare to go where others won’t. If this sounds a lot like you, then you need to be here making a difference too. You’ll fit in just by being you.

We like that you see and do things differently. So do we.

No other college or university nurtures fearless, independent thought like UCI does. We take you beyond the classroom to see possibility where others see impossibility.

One of the top ten public universities in the country, UCI offers more than 80 undergraduate degree programs and the opportunity to work alongside internationally renowned faculty to produce groundbreaking work. In fact, by the time you are a senior, nearly half of your graduating class will have participated in undergraduate research.

  • We’re Anteaters, and we give everything our best zot.

    That’s right, our mascot is Peter the Anteater, based on the anteater in the Johnny Hart comic strip, “B.C.” Every time the anteater feasted upon an ant in the comic, his tongue made the “zot!” sound effect.

    Zot culture permeates the campus. At athletic events, students chant “Zot! Zot! Zot!” We even have a special ‘Anteater’ hand signal to show campus spirit – simply touch the tips of your two middle fingers with your thumb, slide the thumb back, and raise your pinky and index fingers. The middle fingers represent the anteater’s snout and the other two fingers make the ears. Watch a video tutorial.

    Hey, when we said we liked differences, we meant it. Once you become an Anteater, you will be part of a supportive, tight-knit family for the rest of your life. And you will feel that as soon as you step on campus.

  • Our campus will blow you away.

    At the heart of campus is Aldrich Park, a tranquil and serene botanical garden. Almost every undergraduate school is along Ring Road, which completely encircles the park. This circular design allows students to get around easily and fosters a collaborative and friendly approach to learning.

    Schedule a campus tour to see for yourself. If you can’t make it in person, take an interactive tour online.

Why UCI?

Meet other ambitious students

With multiple honors opportunities to take advantage of, you can collaborate and excel with the best and brightest students from around the globe.

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